This innovative medical device is our latest 5th generation of prefilled syringes.



One smooth movement of the plunger from the first touch: our revolutionary design for a stable flow.


An innovative device with an autodisabling mechanism to make sure it cannot be reused.


The special membrane allows an easy movement of the plunger with no need of lubricants in the body of the syringe. An unprecedented experience of smooth and effortless administration of an injectable drug even in absence of any lubricant.

Detail Product


Safe printing and marking is possible on the ring, which does not come in contact with the solution and can be of multiple materials and colors.


Luer slip or luer lock: your choice for an easy connection of the needle which can be used without any specific injection angle. We can even provide a staked needle which will not come in contact with the solution till the syringe is activated.

0.5ML TO 20ML

Syringes with different fillable volumes available from 0.5ml up to 20ml. A totally scalable production from few thousands up to several hundreds of millions, filled and finished most efficiently.

The Innovation behind the


The Project

Prefilled syringes are one of the fastest and safest ways for parenteral administration, but today they might still have shortcomings. 3CK, thanks to its founders’ long experience in pharma, has developed a brand new generation of syringes to overcome such flaws and provide a device that is accurate, safe, sterile, easy to use and cost-effective to produce.

The Advantages

This evolution of the prefilled syringe brings a totally innovative design that eliminates any break loose force and any need for silicone oil. There is no head space and no specific injection angle, while keeping a standard luer port and an easy handling. At the same time, the original design allows a large safe printing area, the lowest contact of product with surface and an effective autodisabling feature to ensure a single use.

For People's health

Prefilled syringes ensure that patients receive accurate dosages. This is especially beneficial for patients who need to self-inject medications, but do not have medical training. With standard syringes, you may find that you overfill (or underfill) the container, which could negatively impact the effectiveness of your treatment. With O-Flow, everyone can be sure of an easy, smooth and correct administration.

For Professionals

Healthcare providers benefit from accurate, pre-measured doses, reduced dosing and medication errors, and reduced risk of microbial contamination. O-Flow with direct printing facilitates product identification and prevents any mistakes. Disposable prefilled syringes can be stored for long periods of time and are now silicone-free.

About us

3CK is an Italian company specialized in medical devices. Thanks to many years of experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, innovative solutions have been created in the field of single-use devices.

Today we are proud to present O-FLOW, a new way of conceiving pre-filled and pre-fillable syringes. This device meets high standards of safety, hygiene and innovation. Oflow (patent pending) syringes will revolutionize the sector bringing a positive spillover to manufacturers, healthcare professionals and their patients.

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